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Embroidery Services and In-House Machine in Williams Lake

Embroidery is an embellishment of a fabric or garment in which coloured threads are sewn onto the fabric to create a design. It is generally used within the promotional product industry on apparel, bags or other cloth products.


We at Schickworks Signs & Stitches utilize a state-of-the-art Tajima embroidery machine that allows us to satisfy the strict demands of today's customers. The machine's stitch quality is simply outstanding and impressive.

Custom embroidery is the way to go when you want to take your business to a whole new level of flair and elegance. Schickworks Signs & Stitches' embroidery services in Williams Lake combine an ancient art form with the most cutting-edge manufacturing techniques available. We take pleasure in completing your task correctly the first time and delivering it when you need it. From our shop in Williams Lake, BC, we offer custom embroidered clothes such as caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, golf towels, jackets, and more.

We can make embroidered items in almost any size. It's important to remember that small typefaces are difficult to replicate. We prefer letters that are at least 1/4 inches tall. Customers come from all over the area, including our wonderful neighbouring communities. We are always looking forward to making new acquaintances. Reach out to us or check out our gallery page to know more about our past embroidery projects!

Our Process

The process of our embroidery services begins with us taking your logo, phrase, or name and applying it into an electronic file that our embroidery machine can interpret, allowing it to construct the end product with stitches. You can send us your artwork in almost any commonly used format (jpg, tif, eps, BMP, etc.). There is a one-time charge to scan your artwork for a first-time order.

Once this process is complete, we process a run charge for each item. If the artwork you initially gave us does not change in size, you can continue to use the same digitized artwork for future jobs. The cost of a run fee is determined by the number of stitches and the number of pieces required to be stitched. A basic logo on a hat or shirt will have 10,000 stitches. We estimate the number of stitches required to accomplish your assignment, once you supply us with the artwork in Williams Lake.

Call or email us today. We’d love to be your embroiderer!

Embroidery with Imagination

We have the in-house technology and trained operators at Schickworks Signs & Stitches to transform your custom embroidered project from concept to reality. From the beginning, our professional staff works with you to fully comprehend your custom embroidered project requirements. We'll provide you with advice on the different types of embroidery and thread we have available for successfully rendering our embroidery services in Williams Lake.

We embroider personalized designs on a wide range of apparel and accessories, including caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, golf towels, jackets, etc. Embroidery is a unique and beautiful way to display your logo. Embroidered products are tough, long-lasting, and have a high-quality finish. Call us today to talk to our team of designers in Williams Lake.

How Does Embroidery Leave an Impression?

It's the tiny needle-like points that make embroidery so beautiful. Each one can be seen with a magnifying glass and is made up of thousands of individual threads woven together. The tiny pieces of thread are exceptionally delicate, and a single mistake can ruin the whole piece. Here is why you should choose embroidery services in Williams Lake:

  • Brand recognition: Embroidering a personalized logo or emblem onto promotional clothes helps raise brand awareness.
  • Long-lasting: A high-quality embroidered design with non-fading colours can resist frequent laundering at high temperatures.
  • Exceptional finish: Custom embroidery provides your business with a sophisticated, ageless, and professional look.

If you still have any more questions, connect with our staff in Williams Lake today. We would love to hear from you, understand your needs and share the solutions our team has to offer.

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