Custom Embroidery in Williams Lake and the Cariboo

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is an embellishment of a fabric or garment in which coloured threads are sewn onto the fabric to create a design. Embroidery may be done either by hand or machine. It is generally used within the promotional product industry on apparel, bags or other cloth products.

How are the stitching designs made?

We begin by taking your logo, message or name and digitizing it into an electronic file that is readable by our embroidery machine which allows it to use stitches to create the finished product. You can provide us your artwork in just about any popular format (jpg, tif, eps, bmp, etc.). We don’t actually convert your artwork. Rather, we recreate the artwork using stitches.

There is an initial one-time cost to digitize your artwork. Once that is completed, there is a run charge for each item. As long as the artwork remains the same size, you can continue to use the same digitized artwork for future jobs. Pricing is also based upon the number of stitches. A basic logo on a hat or shirt will run about 10,000 stitches on average. Once you provide us with artwork, we can give you an estimate of the number of stitches needed to complete your job.

We can produce embroidered pieces in just about any size. Do keep in mind that small type fonts are difficult to reproduce. Generally, we like to have letters at least ¼ inch tall.

What can we do for you?

We offer custom embroidered garments, such as caps, t-shirts, sweat shirts, golf shirts, golf towels, jackets, etc., from our facility in Williams Lake, BC. We serve customers from around the corner to our wonderful neighbouring communities. We are always looking to make new acquaintances.

Browse our online catalogue links for colours and styles of t-shirts and other garments such as golf shirts, jackets, hats, bags, etc. Call or email us today. We’d love to be your embroiderer!

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